About Us

When our co-founder and CEO Diana Machado immigrated to Canada as a child, she learned first-hand about the stark financial realities facing women. 

In the Azores Islands, where she was born, though money was always tight the community of women banded together to supply each other with whatever was needed — food, clothing, words of comfort.

Without that fabric of support in Canada, Diana saw how difficult it can be to break out of the poverty cycle.

Systemic, financial discrimination against economically distressed women is a reality. In Canada alone 1.9 million women live on low income.

We want to be part of the answer.

As Diana rose through her career she was constantly drawn toward helping others gain stronger financial footing. Sometimes this happened in the workplace and other times within her family. As a young, single mom she rose to the challenge early in life to be the sole breadwinner.

When she co-founded Lady Loans she wanted to create a place free of money shame where
women can access the women they need to build the futures they deserve.

Our personal finance solution is created entirely by women, for women. Our focus is on creating an economic safe space where self-identifying women can practice financial skills and disciplines to create a better life. No topic is off limits as we strive to create a community of Sisterhoods striving toward a common purpose.

CEO Diana Machado

“... I got the call from my father-in-law saying that my husband was not going to make it and I had to make the decision about what to do — I pulled life support. I was married to my husband for a month and ten days. That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life. From that day on I have struggled to get by in life. I then found Lady Loans this year, and I am so glad that I found the m because they have helped get through a lot of tough times this year. With all your support I have grown stronger every day.”
Carmen R.