Our Method

We combine a network of Sisterhoods with practical benefits to help each woman build a life she loves.


Sharing personal and financial challenges with others is what the Lady Loans Sisterhood is all about. 

We believe every woman has the ability to become financially confident and in control. No matter what your past money story is. 

When you agree to a Lady Loan you agree to be part of an informal group of eight to 12 women who will stay connected and supportive of each other.

Support may be in the form of sharing tips on handling finances, spreading the word about local bargains or even peer-to-peer recommendations for child care, group activities or services. On a more formal basis, Lady Loans provides a suite of educational tools and applications to help you
budget, save, spend and borrow more wisely.

Practical Benefits

Loan Protection Plan

With the Loan Protection Plan, the loan payments and/or outstanding principal balance may be covered if you experience involuntary unemployment, injury, sickness or even loss of life. This insurance is purchased separately and could provide benefits up to the outstanding amount remaining on a borrower’s loan in the event of a claim.

The monthly cost of the LPP varies depending on your loan amount, and length of the term.



Our goal is to help you repay your loan on schedule.
Here are the repayment options we offer